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Thoughts & insights about various digital marketing, SEO, branding, UX, design, & photography. Get a peak at my latest projects here!


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On Finding Focus, Without Looking For It

Sheena Schleicher

Specialization? I’m a technical SEO, but I’m also a writer, a storyteller, a wannabe designer/UX specialist, a social media strategist, a brand builder, a PR person, and a people-focused entrepreneur (among other things). What that means, really, is that I’m very opinionated in a lot of those areas. My opinions are based on over a decade of experience in those areas, so I’d like to say they’re educated opinions. A sort of jack of all trades, at least in the marketing world.

This also means that there’s a lack of focus, which might translate to both not being truly great at anything and — even if the greatness is there — not being known for that one thing that you’re the best at.

Twenty-eighteen, however, was a year of self-realization.

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Winning Growth Strategy: Invite Prospects, Clients to Conferences

Sheena Schleicher

After years of attending various marketing conferences, I decided to invite one of my long-time clients along with me. It ended up being so incredibly valuable to our work relationship that when the next conference came along, I invited another client. And then one I was still in conversations with. Each facilitated such pivotal moments with partners that now I can’t really see myself attending a conference without a client – and I’d like to share why these invitations were so well-received and so powerful to client/consultant relationships.

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The #1 Thing I Heard From Young Women at MozCon + My Response

Sheena Schleicher

Meeting new people at industry conferences is something I've always enjoyed. I love hearing about the projects they’re involved with, what brought them to the conference, what they’re hoping to take-away from it, and what their short and long-term goals are. And I share the same type of insight from my life. 

Last week I attended my very first MozCon (which was absolutely incredible!); and as I connected with all my new friends across Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and recalled the meet and greet I had with each of them, I noticed a trend with many of the women, especially under the age of 30, in what they shared with me. Are you ready for it? 

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