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Web Analytics and Consumer Insights

Web Analytics allows us to get to know your customer like never before and empowers your team to be more informed, less opinionated. Analytics helps us shape a better brand experience, measure site and campaign performance, understand ROI, and make business decisions backed by data and consumer insights.

Think your website is performing well? Let's make it better.

Web Analytics helps us identify areas that are working and those in need of improvement. And as a Google Analytics Certified data analyst and digital marketer, I help simplify complex analytics data and deliver fine-tuned reporting and consumer insights that are actually important to your business. 

The ABCs of Google Analytics (visitor Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversion data) help answer these key questions:

  • How many visitors does your site receive per month / week / day / hour / minute? 
  • Where is your site traffic coming from?
  • Are your visitors desktop or mobile users (or both)? 
  • How well are visitors engaging with your site content? 
  • What's the demographic of these visitors? 
  • What is considered a conversion? How are you tracking these? 
  • What is the average conversion rate?
  • How much revenue are online sales driving?
  • How is year-over-year performance?
  • What can we do better? 

While the answers to these questions are important, what's even more critical is how this information is used. Here's a look at the types of activities commonly prompted by analytics data and insights:

  • Better understanding of customer profile for tailored content marketing
  • Choosing the right benchmarks and KPIs
  • Targeting top converting traffic channels for future inbound marketing 
  • Enhancing high bounce rate and/or low converting pages and content 
  • Resolving eCommerce shopping cart and checkout barriers (CRO)
  • Understanding conversion paths and attribution for multi-channel marketing
  • Aligning branding and marketing efforts with seasonal trends
  • Prioritizing development and marketing tasks

Better marketing begins and ends with analytics. Don't let it be an afterthought.