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Brand-First People-Focused SEO Marketing

Tired of hearing about "Big Data” and “Data-driven Marketing” jargon? Us too. We’d rather be Data-informed and People-driven. Marketing is about reaching and connecting with people, so why would marketing strategy leave People out of the equation? And why would SEO marketing be any different?

At Schleicher Marketing, we are committed to partnering with brands that stand for something good and that offer products reflective of a positive, sustainable lifestyle.

We aim to simplify complex SEO and digital marketing challenges by educating and empowering in-house teams with technical understanding and actionable solutions. Because enabling the people behind the brand has proven to be the most effective and efficient means of surpassing even the most daunting performance goals–get this, while nurturing overall business objectives.


Brands We Work With


Endorsements + Client Testimonials

"Sheena is smart, quick and insightful and has a wonderful grasp on all aspects of the digital space. Able to apply her unique blend of experience from many different clients and brands and will rapidly hone in on what is best for your business. My experience working with Sheena is like having a front row seat to a Master Class in Search." - Brett Sigur, Digital Marketing Manager at Bell Bike and Blackburn Design

"As someone who maintains a healthy skepticism when working with consultants, I could tell immediately that Sheena and Steven would bring value to our business. I was impressed with the priority they set on understanding our business and the complicated nuances of the work that we do. They asked critical questions and challenged us to think hard about how we wanted to market our services – a process that paid off incredibly well in our final strategy. I never felt like a client – I felt like a partner." - Heather Henricks, Marketing Director at Ecology Action

"Sheena is passionate about her work. One can feel the joy and sense of accomplishment she feels when she sees her expertise and contributions in eCommerce conversion optimization, user experience strategy, and search engine optimization paying off for clients." - Rob Randolph, Principal at Beacon Digital Group

"While we originally hired Sheena strictly for SEO purposes, we quickly learned her skill-set stretches far beyond SEO and encompasses all digital and content marketing efforts. Our company has undergone significant growth, including: a complete website redesign, brand overhaul and various product launches. Sheena played a key role in the strategy and execution, and there’s no doubt in my mind that she was fundamental to our success." - Sara Popken, eCommerce Manager at Roger CPA Review

"Sheena consistently takes the initiative to ensure that every aspect of a web project, from content strategy to design and development, is built with SEO best practices in mind." - Janet Noyes, Disney Consumer Products Licensing Manager

"Our client engagement has presented unique resource challenges since we are a marketing department of one. She has consistently gone above and beyond to help us make progress. Sheena is very approachable and as a result developed rapport with us early on in the project. This quality combined with her expertise in 'all things SEO' have made her a critical factor in the success of our optimization." - Afshin Shirazian, Marketing Manager at AllCells, LLC

"... punctual, well-researched, well-prepared, client-oriented, patient, technically adept and great at explaining SEO strategy concepts and procedures to clients. Clients enjoy the extra effort Sheena puts into providing a great customer experience by receiving her timely updates and high level of service." - Caleb Chao, Senior Search Marketing Strategist at Mindstream Interactive


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