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See How & Why 1 Post, in 1 Day, Connected People From Around the World

Sheena Schleicher

Yesterday I shared a blog post I wrote about a trend I noticed at a tech conference last week - and something happened that completely took me by surprise. While my write-up in no way 'went viral' by today's standards, it did connect with people of all ages and genders from around the world - 68 unique countries, to be exact! What's more is that these people didn't just visit the page, but they engaged and responded in a way I never expected. Site traffic increased by over 800% and I received nearly 320 private messages, comments, and shares (combined, across various platforms) - and engagement with this particular article is still growing.  

What I'd like to do is dig into the How and Why this article gained so much traction. I'll share some of the responses I received throughout the day yesterday (keeping the sender names anonymous), then share with you some of the ways you or your brand can get the same (or greater) engagement. 

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