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Content Marketing is Everything

Today’s digital world is comprised of millions of users searching the Web for engaging content. To assist in this search, search engines crawl the Web to index and rank the “quality content” their users are searching for. While the search engines have incredibly advanced technology allowing their spiders to understand context and sentiment surrounding a piece of content, one of the main considerations for measuring its value is how people engage with it.

This creates a unique need for companies looking to strengthen their digital presence, engage their customers, and grow their business online. And it's a need that businesses of every size and industry are investing in - just look at how the term "content marketing" itself has blown up in search popularity over the last few years. 

Google Trends Interest Over Time for "Content Marketing"

Google Trends Interest Over Time for "Content Marketing"

Your competitors are investing in their content strategy. Are you?

“Build it and they will come!” they say, but there’s more to it. Simply creating content without the proper keyword research, focus, branding, scheduling, distribution, and SEO strategies will drive few visitors to your site and reap little for your business. Opt for a content marketing service that focuses on producing and distributing high-value content expertly tailored to your audience. 

As a digital marketer specializing in both SEO and Content Marketing, I partner with your in-house team to strategically intersect the two as an ultra-powerful inbound marketing tactic - supporting brand recognition and loyalty, increasing organic search traffic, boosting sales, and establishing your brand as the authority in your market.

Think your brand could benefit from strategic content planning and creative direction? Let's talk!